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Two Way Radios
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When coordinating shows, conventions, business meetings, social events, or anytime you need to organize large groups of people, our two-way radio system will simplify, lower overhead, and save valuable time, by placing you and your decisions in the center of activity at all times. You will no longer have to walk the distance to confirm arrangements.

You will be able to completely monitor the movement of crowds as they enter, participate, and exit your event. If a situation should arise, you are immediately aware of it. AF SERVICES, INC. offers two-way radio rentals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Our equipment is thoroughly tested before each rental, and we are always happy to instruct you or your personnel on the proper usage and charging procedures.

Please feel free to contact us for further information. We look forward to serving you in conjunction with your next trade show, convention, or special event!

AF Services
Safety Containers

AF Services offers safety container rental to insure the safe keeping of valuables at your next trade show, convention or special event. Safety containers are 30x30x30, fully collapsible sturdy steel mesh. Prices include delivery, set up, pad lock and tear down.  Additional delivery charge may apply to remote locations.

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Safe Rental

To ensure peace of mind and knowledge that sensitive items are protected, AF Services, Inc. offers a broad range of safe types, sizes and protection levels to meet your individual needs. 

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Hand-Held Personal Metal Detectors
Metal Detectors

Our metal detectors are ideal anywhere you might need a security check point.  They are sensitive enough to detect objects the size of a 25-cent coin.  The detectors sound a high-pitched tone whenever they detect metal.  The detectors run off of 9 volt batteries for power, noticeable features include a red LED indicator light and a de-sense button.   This unit is certified (CE) to the quality and performance.