AF Services
AF Services

AF Services is committed to addressing all needs of our clients. Our services extend from ushering and security to modeling and hostesses. Regardless of what type of event or trade show, AF Services will have the staff to fill your needs!

If you are in need of a service that is not listed, please inquire about potential additional available services.

AF Services


•  Crowd Control
•  Security
•  Ushering
•  Badge Checkers
•  Ticket Takers
•  Directors
•  Bus Line Service
•  Off- Duty Police Officers
•  Body Guards
•  Special Events Management
•  Floor Management
•  Nation Wide Consulting
•  Two-Way Radio Rental

•  Safety Container Rental
•  Coat Check Service
•  Valet Parking
•  Professional Models
•  Booth Hosts/ Hostesses
•  Product Demonstrators
•  Narrators
•  Sales Assistants
•  Company Spokespeople
•  Crowd Gatherers
•  Interpreters and Translators
•  Special Talents
•  Specialty Acts