Below are a handful of common questions and answers.

What is the advantage to hiring AF Services vs. the competition?

AF Services is recognized as a provider of high quality convention services with the personal touch of a family owned business. Our client retention rate certainly emphasizes our commitment to excellence. The experience and professional abilities of our management staff are well diversified and used on a daily basis to support and guide all field activities. With our many years of hands on management experience it is easy to meet our clients’ expectations.

AF Personnel are professionals in the industry. Our supervisors are intelligent, mature individuals who have held responsible positions with such law enforcement agencies as the FBI, City and State police departments, Fire Departments and Federal Marshalls. They are experienced, dependable, responsive individuals who have been trained in our policies and procedures, which exceed industry standards. It is the quality of our supervision that makes our services more effective.

No other service can match our management experience and personal touch. We understand the importance of not just satisfying our customers, but of sincerely pleasing them. We are the best choice in the Chicagoland area!

How long has AF Services been in the tradeshow, convention and special event industry?

AF Services is owned and operated by Andy Frain III, Bridgette Frain-Mlady, and Michael Mlady. Collectively, we have more than 100 years experience in providing convention staffing, crowd control, security personnel, ushering, as well as, additional services to groups such as yours throughout the country.

Are AF Services personnel licensed, bonded and insured?

We are fully insured, bonded and licensed by the State of Illinois. We believe in offering the most proficient, up-to-date methods, while providing the protection of life and property.

How are your personnel trained?

AF Services offers a 20 or 40 hour training seminar. After completion, a certificate is issued to the individual. Closely supervised on-the-job training is then implemented. Our employee training program is designed to transfer management knowledge to our personnel. In advance of reporting to an assignment, each employee receives detailed instructions on his or her responsibility and how to follow through implicitly. Our personnel are groomed to have the motivation, pride, appearance, and attitude necessary to safeguard valuables, protect people, watch crowds to anticipate complications, control and react to incidents, while enforcing the association’s rules, regulations and policies.

Are your employees screened or drug tested?

AF Services personnel are selected on the basis of ability, appearance, and previous work history, to include the verification of previous jobs, military history, educational and complete police background checks. AF Services is a firm believer in a drug free workplace, therefore; random drug testing is preformed.

What size trade shows, conventions or special events can AF Services handle?

AF Services has the capabilities to work effectively with any size event. We are experts in designing and executing specialized plans to meet any and all of our clients needs. Our experience has shown us that no two situations are identical, every event program must be individually tailored to meet specific regulations and requirements. Our management advisor will carefully analyze your situation, then design a custom program recommendation to meet your unique needs. Such individual attention is always provided to each client regardless if you require 1 or 1000 staff members, crowd control engineers, security officers, or ushers.

Where do you hire from and what is the process?

AF Services conducts numerous job fairs throughout the year. Before hiring applicants, a comprehensive pre-employment background investigation is conducted on their history, thus allowing our personnel department to weed out undesirable applicants who are unsuitable to company needs and standards. Each new employee must undergo a probation period of 90 days, after which an evaluation is made, only those who meet our expectations will remain part of the AF Services Team!